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24 Flavor System

Add a Little Flavor to Your Business with the Wadden 24 Flavor System

It’s time to revive your menu and recharge your profits with the 24 Flavor System. Stimulate sales with a refreshing array of delicious flavors and combinations that will inspire your customers & keep them coming back again & again!  It takes just seconds for you to offer your customers the delicious flavors and unbelievable candy combinations your competition can’t dream of having.

Imagine offering peanut butter soft serve with peanut butter cups mixed in!! How about cookies and cream soft serve with real Oreo cookies blended in. Or just keep it simple with delicious flavors like blueberry, banana, pistachio, or cheesecake. 24 Flavors of soft serve ice cream or custard, yogurt, shakes, slush & arctic swirls. Mix in candies! The possibilities are truly endless with the 24 Flavor System.

with 24 flavors of soft serve, shakes, & candy mix-ins.
Offer it all in a cup or cone in seconds!
by drawing away from your competition and even
seeing your existing customers more often.
Boost Profits...
by upcharging for items made with all the natural,
delicious fat & no sugar added flavors!